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Summer 2020–Making Waves

June 3, 2020

Erica Shames, founder and publisher of Susquehanna Life Magazine, initially had doubts about releasing the Summer 2020 issue. She recognized the disruption the Coronavirus lockdown caused for advertisers and for businesses that sold the magazine. Then she began to hear from readers and subscribers who expressed how important the magazine has been for them. In this episode of Susquehanna Life Out Loud podcast Erica explains to her co-host Peterson Toscano, "We have a role to play here," and that is to uplift and to provide a positive way to look at the region and at life. We also give readers information to make their lives more enjoyable.

In the Summer 2020 edition of the magazine, Jennifer Pencek writes about a group of women who are breaking ground by getting into the water. In our show, Jennifer chats with Peterson Toscano about the growing fly fishing phenomenon drawing women in the region to the sport. The is in large part due to the work of the Women, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  

The committee is the result of partnerships with the state Fish and Boat Commission, Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited, and local organizations with the shared goal to connect diverse populations to fly fishing and waterway conservation efforts. They offer a special training program: Intro to Fly Fishing for Women.  As a result of working on this story, Jennifer sees a wonderful connection between people who enjoy outdoor activities and their efforts to conserve the wild spaces they love. 

Fly fishing enthusiast, Jamie SanFillipo, trains guides people in the sport through her own business, The American Fly Fishing Company. She explains the many benefits and joys of fly fishing, as she outlines the basics a beginner will need to get started. She answers questions about the cost of the sport, safety when fishing alone, and even where you can borrow free equipment. Both Jennifer Pencek and Jamie SanFilippo outline factors that have kept women and girls from taking up outdoor sports like fishing. They also tell us what we can do to foster gender diversity and equity in the great outdoors. 

Kendra Aucker, President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania chats with Peterson Toscano about the Covid-19 pandemic and what we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and fellow community members. She stresses the importance of wearing masks as part of the overall plan. Like everyone else, her life has been turned upside down by the lockdown, and she shares some of her own strategies for when she hasn’t been able to go out and see family and friends. She also tells us about her favorite Corona comfort foods. 

Food lovers will learn about two opportunities to sample authentic dishes. You will hear about Kavkaz Restaurant, a truck stop off I-80 in Logantown, PA close to Jersey Shore. They specialize in preparing food from the Caucasus region including Georgian, Armenian, and Russian cuisine. What do they offer?  Homemade Khachapuri bread, which you can get with melted cheese and an egg in the center. They have stews and soup, including the most hearty borscht you may ever encounter. Meatballs with homemade mash potatoes is a favorite with the many people who left positive reviews on Yelp. They also serve Greek salad and various potato and vegetable dishes.

In Sunbury, PA, writer Glen Retief, associate professor of creative writing at Susquehanna University, celebrates a local delicacy and tells us all about the annual Sunbury Sandwich Stroll organized by Sunbury Revitalization Inc. In addition to explaining how the sandwich stroll works, and how it has been received, Glen also reveals the peculiar incident that led up to the popular event.

Almost four years ago our host, Peterson Toscano, a resident out on an early morning walk, saw that someone plastered Sunbury's Market Street with racist and anti-immigrate posters. The posters warned that Sunbury residents were being replaced by outsiders. Peterson spent the next few days walking around town wondering what Sunbury residents value and that we can boost and share with others. Turns out the sandwich, in one form or another, is king in Sunbury with nearly 20 shops within walking distance. Peterson's reflections led to the wildly successful sandwich stroll. The third annual Sandwich Stroll is scheduled for June 27. Check the Sunbury Revitalization Facebook page for the latest information.    

From the Toscano family recipe files Peterson shares Mom's Homemade Raw Tomato Sauce. Hear about an absolutely delicious dish that is incredibly easy to make. 

You will hear all this and more in the latest episode of Susquehanna Life Out Loud.  

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